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Illegal immigrants to be apprehended & would not be released: Trump

Illegal immigrants to be apprehended & would not be released: Trump

US President Donald Trump has said illegal immigrants trying to enter the United States will now be apprehended at the border and, unlike the current practice, would no longer be released. Announcing a significant change in the current catch-and-release policy for illegal immigrants, Mr Trump last night said that they would be released only after a US court pronounces its judgement on their asylum application. If negative, they would be deported to their original country.

The major policy speech days ahead of the crucial midterm poll comes because of a caravan, estimated to be comprised between five thousand to seven thousand people, from three Latin American countries, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala. Mr Trump has deployed military at the Southwestern border to stop them. He said a large well-organised caravan of migrants are marching towards the southern border and it is like an invasion.  President Trump said there were around seven lakh people inside the country awaiting adjudication of their claims. He said the overall number could be between 10 to 20 million people. Asserting that there has been a “staggering” increase in asylum claims since 2010, Trump attributed it to the smugglers and traffickers, who know how to game the system.


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